1 August, 2017

Jamie Playford completes sale of Harveys Dry Cleaners avoiding redundancies and store closures

Jamie Playford, Insolvency Practitioner at Leading Corporate Recovery, has completed the sale of the business and assets of Harvey’s Specialist Dry Cleaners to a family-owned company, saving 13 jobs and preventing four store closures.

Commenting on the sale, Mr Playford said: “It was a difficult sale due to the situation involving an earlier insolvency practitioner, but after the Court appointed me as Liquidator and voided the earlier sale, I quickly sought a buyer and began negotiations. The new sale I have conducted is for a higher amount than before and all sale proceeds have been paid up front, rather than previously agreed over a deferred period. This is a good result for creditors and for staff as jobs have been saved.”

For any further queries regarding the Liquidation of the Company, please contact Kelly Goodman at kelly.goodman@leading.uk.com





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Leading Corporate Recovery is Norwich’s fastest-growing insolvency, restructuring and strategic advisory practice, providing help to businesses and individuals across East Anglia and London. Jamie Playford is a director and licensed insolvency practitioner, and a member of the Insolvency Practitioners’ Association and a fellow member the insolvency trade body, R3. Jamie has worked in the insolvency industry in East Anglia since the late 1990s.